Auxy - Music & Beat Maker

Auxy - Music & Beat Maker

By Auxy

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-12-09
  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.44 MB
  • Developer: Auxy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 3,553 Ratings


Auxy is designed to be simple yet powerful and help you focus on your musical ideas. Our goal is to make it as smooth as possible to create song sketches or final tracks that sound professional. WHY AUXY ”Auxy is my favorite way to get what's going on in my brain into a musical format. It's simple on the surface but with tremendous depth if you need it" - RAC “The automation is terrific. I'm doing things with Auxy I wouldn't easily do with my DAW. The design style is insanely smart and forward-thinking. It's productive for me to use, but i've also shown it to children who have been able to have fun making re al music. It's the best new audio product I've seen in a long time.” - Madeon “The thing we love about Auxy is how it uses technology to let people be creative, without letting that technology get in the way.” - Apple Design Awards CREATE AND MIX LOOPS Create melodies and beats with the industry-leading note editor that has been carefully designed to make the step from idea to song sketch as smooth as possible. Build complete tracks by mixing loops into scenes. FIND THE RIGHT SOUNDS Browse the massive sound library with thousands of high quality samples and hundreds of multi-sampled instruments. New content is added monthly and you can import your own samples. MIX WITH PRECISION Each sound has a set of carefully crafted effects and a lot of controls for tweaking. Mix settings can be automated over time for smooth transitions and dynamic effects. COLLABORATE WITH EASE Projects can be shared as links with any imported samples included, which makes collaborating super easy. POWERFUL EXPORT Tracks can be uploaded to SoundCloud or exported in various formats. Projects can be exported as Ableton Live sets with each instrument rendered as separate audio and MIDI tracks. You can also export MIDI files and audio stems directly to any DAW. JAM WITH FRIENDS Auxy supports the Ableton Link standard, which lets you jam in sync with other apps and devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. JOIN THE COMMUNITY Explore the newsfeed where we post featured tracks, creative challenges and demo projects that you can download and remix. Join the Auxy community and find other producers to collaborate with. MADE IN SWEDEN Auxy is built by a small team in Sweden. Our mission is to put a studio in everyone's pocket and push music forward as an artform. Share your stories and feedback via! Terms of Service:



  • This app WAS amazing! (And is still!)

    By ApallingPoodle
    I love this app, and I enjoyed the variety of lead, bass, and percussion even just in the demo. I hate that they removed the majority of percussion kits. After using many other apps like this, I am impressed by how easy it is to create a catchy song in this app. I really do not like that they removed most of demo percussion kits. As someone who wants to have fun making basic music without paying for things I won't need, I ask: Please bring the old kits back! Edit: After reading the developer's response, I thought, "That's fair." I understand the difficulties of application development; the time, money, and resources required. I can't believe that this extremely high quality app was made by only two people! For that reason, I changed my rating from three stars to five. Fantastic job on this terrific app! Best wishes to you!
  • I am confused

    By CowPig127
    Although this app has been absolutely amazing, with even the free version being sufficient enough to enjoy, I have been, as of recently, locked out if all editing features without the purchase of a subscription. I cannot create or modify loops in any way, shape, or form. I wish to know as to whether this is a bug in the system or a purposeful update. If this inability was purposeful, I would recommend reverting back to allowing free users to once again be able to create and modify loops with the limited sample size.
  • Please Make This Fre

    By i need a original name
    You can’t even ADD AN INSTRUMENT without having to pay. This app is useless if you don’t cough up money.
  • Keep it Up!!

    By odajareignos
    So far so Great! The flow and options stand at the epicenter of mobile audio engineering apps. Just hone in on some more specifics. Read all reviews, and make sure to have a solid in-house testing team. My main suggestion is not necessarily small, but I think for subscribers at least, there should be the ability to form tracks as long, and as layered as ones own mobile system can handle. Aka cut out the “looping mentality”, still work with measure values forsure! Just allow one to set it for song lengths. ie. 1-999. Or like I said, to the limit of ones own cpu, like it is on a pc. Then we can render our full .wav files out as songs into ableton. 👌🏼 I think doing this before all others, will cement your position in the markets for several years!
  • What has happened?

    By Mari Trevi😘💕
    Ok so I had this app before and it was pretty good until when I downloaded the app again, I tried to make a new song but it just says to start free trial and it didn't had that before when I had it😑 I'm a bit frustrated about this. Please remove it! Thanks
  • Sad

    By Potato3625
    I used to use this app ALL THE TIME around when it came out, but then my iPad broke and I couldn’t get a new one for a while. Then, when I got a new iPad, I couldn’t remember the name of the app, but after a while of searching for it I finally found it. And I’m disappointed. Apparently I have to pay to use this app now! And I don’t have extra money to spare for this, so I can’t use this app anymore. Bye.
  • Impressed

    By Etzecon
    This app has extremely impressed me. Now, In saying that I am a 17 y/o young music enthusiast. I do not profess to be a producer, or even to be good at making music. Heck! I barely even know the beginnings of music theory. However, the streamlined workflow and easy to understand interface are flawless. I don’t have much money to spend, but it would probably be worth it for this app. This is a great app whether you are just beginning or if you are a seasoned pro looking for a quick way to get ideas down. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an app to make some music and get inspired. It is the best one I’ve found on the App Store! Thank you very much Auxy team! 😃
  • Free to get, pay to use?

    By Enderwolf1245
    When I got this I was ecstatic. It looked amazing and what I had been looking for. When I played it, it was amazing and wonderful. But when I tried to make my own, I wasn't able to use an instrument 🎸. This stopped me from making anything. I thought at least I would be able to make something. Even if it involved only using one instrument 🎹. This broke my heart because I didn't have the ability to do anything. What's the point of this app if in order to use it, you must pay a subscription.
  • Subscription

    By ..::Smile Dog::..
    Edit Nov 8: My rating wasn’t because it has a subscription but rather for the fact that it never indicates in the app description that you need a subscription to do much of anything. I would have been fine with it had I known from the get-go that I’d need a subscription to use the app. I can see where the confusion was of course, and I’m sorry about that. My issues was that “not once in the app description does it mention you need to purchase the subscription”. This was why I gave it the 3 stars (which is not quite a low score considering most people rating just because of the subscription’s existence give it a 1 without a thought...). I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense, and I hope this doesn’t come off as mean. I just wish it was more clear that the subscription is basically a requirement. —————— Original Oct 21: The title says it all. You need to pay a subscription to do just about anything with the app. You cannot even start to make a song of your own without it. The most you can do is play songs that have been made and somewhat add to them, as I found out through playing around with it (during which every time I switched songs it asks to do the free trial subscription). It’s admittedly disappointing and a major turnoff for me. I understand that the developers have lives and they need to make money for a living, but I wish they would be more upfront about it before you download the app. Not once in the app description does it mention you need to purchase the subscription. I’m giving it 3 stars for now, as personally I don’t have the funds nor the time available to make good use of the app. It appears to be such an amazing music making app, but its extreme limitations make it hard to do much of anything unless you have the time and money to spend $5/month or $45/year.
  • It couldn’t have been

    By Ozzone111
    Let me tell you: This is literally amazing. Nothing compares to be this good of a music maker due to the fact it simple, multiple settings, loops, and more. I will add more to this post soon.